Born in Marseille in 1960,

Living in Reunion Island since 1985,

Having been -out of order- a teacher, photographer, silkscreen printer, graphic designer, I fell one day in 2017 into a jar of paint and since then, I've been swimming there happily.


Art is a form of energy that the artist stores in his creation, energy that is then received - or not - by the person who is in contact with that creation.

What I'm looking for is energy, the energy I'm sensitive to. I try in my turn to put it on the canvas, to provoke emotions, to let the brush act in a quasi-instinctive way.

After an exploration of abstraction, source of deep and new sensations, I am naturally influenced by Reunion, my island, trying to translate in a raw way its music, its strength, its culture, its humour, its beauty, its energy.

But I am also expanding my universe, going beyond the limits of Reunion Island while maintaining an approach based on raw and instinctive energy, giving a large place to improvisation.


Exhibition "KOM ZOT 30", at the Cité des Arts, Saint-Denis (Réunion)

From 27 May to 9 June 2022

ExhibitionCollective exhibition of "Dalons la Pintir" at the Kabardock, le Port (Reunion Island)

April 2022

Kom Zot" exhibition at La Friche, le Port (Reunion Island)

November 2021

Paintings exhibited at the cultural bar " La Cerise ", in Saint-Paul (Reunion Island)

January-February 2021

Charity exhibition and sale as part of the KERE operation for the South of Madagascar

November 30 to December 15, 2020

Exhibition "Lartist Lokal", espace Leconte de Lisle in Saint-Paul (Reunion)

November 19 to December 17, 2020